Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Confidence left in the Unions

Little confidence left in the Unions
Paddy Hackett

The rejection of strike action by the membership of IMPACT is a reflection of at least one thing.The action was voted down because many of its members are unhappy witht the way in which the IMPACT official leadership and the official leadership of the trade union movement as a whole is leading its membership. There is little confidence in the existing union leadership. The character of the trade union leadership is such as to obstruct the working class in the struggle to defend living standards. They have failed miserably to effectively engage in the propaganda war against the working class. Trade union representatives hardly exploit the media to get the correct message across. Consequently they let diverse opposition elemeents take over tv, radio and print. Just listen to the Joe Duffy show to get a evidence of this.Leading up to the big march in Dublin the ICTU had hardly did much to actively publicise and encourage attendance at the march. They prefer to engage in secret talks with government and employer representatives concerning so called social partnership. Social partnership is merely a means to restrain wages and force workers to work more intensively. The union leadership has been deliberately damping down opposition against the government in the hope that it will reward them with a privately negotiated deal to effectively betray workers.Neither Fianna Fail, the Green Party, Fine Gael nor The Labour Party are against making workers pay for the economic depression. Each only differ as to how to make them pay. Even the trade union leadership is not against the imposition of taxes on workers nor cuts in wages. They merely call for fairness. But "fairness" means nothing. It is merely a word designed to fool the workers into accepting cuts in living standards.The working class needs to break with the union leadership replacing it with a leadership that advances its class interests.Paddy Hackett